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Fix Errors on Your Credit Report?

Find Out How to Dispute and Correct Errors the Right Way and What to Do if You’re Ignored!


Find Out How to Dispute and Correct Errors the Right Way and What to Do if You’re Ignored!

Read Credit Fix Power and learn how to get errors fixed, delete correct-but-negative items, access the hidden information they can share about you with others, protect your identity, and so much more.

This book is the first book ever written by a credit lawyer for consumers like you.

It comes with Credit Fix Power Tools, which includes free downloadable sample letters—as well as the names, addresses and emails to over 50 of the leading credit reporting agencies in the U.S. Purchase your copy for the Introductory Price of Only $3.98 for the eBook, or $8.98 for the paperback edition.

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Want additional help? Order the Power Toolbox System! You can download it TODAY and literally force Consumer Reporting Agencies to pay attention to your letters….. or else we can sue them, at no charge to you. You may even be entitled to compensation against violators of the law in addition to corrections. 

This system includes over 50 sample letter templates drafted by an attorney, Craig K. Perry and will be sent to you in Microsoft Word format. They address every facet of the FCRA covered in the book and contain references to specific statures and comply with the requirements of the law. 

For a limited time, this letter-writing system is offered for a One-Time Fee of $38. Here’s what’s included in the program:

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Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you

Some people don’t have the time, energy or interest to learn all the legal steps, write all the letters and keep everything organized properly. In such cases, we’ll do it for you! Included in the Attorney Power Package, we can do the following:

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This program normally starts at $1,500. For those who take advantage of this special opportunity, we will do all the work for a Limited-Time Offer of $398. This is less than an hour of work charged by experienced lawyers today!


Let Us Count the Ways

How to Dispute Errors

Learn the steps you must follow before the CRAs and furnishers are liable for errors

Identity Theft

Increasingly, people are having their identities stolen, leading to financial chaos

Mixed Credit

Is someone else's unpaid bills on your account? It happens

Wrong Personal Info

Names, addresses and other personal info is often wrong

Old Bad Debt

Debts that are older than 7 years should not remain on your report

Closed Accounts

Accounts that have been closed by creditors should no longer appear on yor credit reports


Our firm will file suit on your behalf if items unlawfully remain on your credit report

Committed to Ensuring Accountability in Credit Reporting


Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you

No, not until you dispute the information. Although all consumer reporting agencies must have systems in place to ensure maximum accuracy, assuming they are doing this, false and erroneous information must be disputed before it’s considered a violation to remain uncorrected on your report.

Seven years, 10 years for bankruptcy from the date it was filed.

Yes, we offer a full money-back guarantee on the Power Tool Box Package. If you are not fully satisfied, contact us and we will issue a full refund. We do not offer a refund on the Attorney Power Package, but our customer service is number one and our clients over the past 30 years have been very satisfied with our services. If you have any problems or concerns, let us know and we will work with you to correct the situation.
If you write the letters correctly the first time, in compliance with the statute, then you eliminate all of the technical objections and excuses that consumer reporting agencies make in refusing to correct or delete mistakes in your consumer files. By removing all technical reasons for their failure to comply, if they don’t comply, then you can hire experienced legal counsel who can sue violators of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This should quickly stop the violations and clean up your report. Often, corrections are made as soon as the lawsuit is filed and served, with a possible monetary award coming later.
This book is not a cure-all that gives general advice on how to improve your credit score, such as “pay off your debts” and “keep your credit card usage low.” It focuses exclusively on how to clean up your consumer files and your credit reports that come from these files. It simplifies these laws and empowers you to correctly flex your consumer muscle to demand corrections or deletions for false or unverifiable information. It’s about writing proper letters, documenting those efforts, and hiring an attorney if all else fails.
As much as you want. This book, which is educational, will show you how you can fix errors or verify the information, all on your own. You can also download the Power Tools available for free on our website and use these some of the letters as templates to help you write your own letters. Next, you can sign up for the Power Toolbox and get over 50 additional letters that cover all of the rights explained in this book. Finally, you can retain our law firm to write letters for you–all you have to do is order your files and reports, and communicate with our office.
You can receive $1,000 for violations from each violator, plus actual damages if you have any, and possibly punitive damages for wilful violators.
Many attorneys who sue violators do not charge any attorneys’ fees up front when it is time to file a lawsuit. The laws state that violators are responsible for your attorneys’ fees, so many attorneys will wait to be paid when the case settles.

Typically, once we file and serve the lawsuit, corrections are made as soon as the lawsuit is filed and served. Thereafter, it takes three or four months to settle the actual, unless your actual losses are so large that you are entitled to a sizable monetary recovery, in addition to the corrections.

Because this can make the case take longer, it’s difficult to place a timeline on higher value cases, without knowing the specific facts of your case.

“This is NOT one of many Raise-Your-Credit Score Books! Written by Craig Perry, an attorney who specializes in correcting such stubborn mistakes, the book carefully explains exactly how to use little-known consumer laws to effect permanent results. So, don't tear your hair out! Read this book and use Perry's researched, step-by-step methods for real success.” L. Frost

Let us show you how to fix your credit using the most powerful method available.